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About Stacy Boreland


My name is Stacy Ann Boreland. I am a professional nurse that has a passion for fashion. My love for fashion began when I was young, and I have decided to bring my expression to life. How a person dresses can say a lot about their personality. Are they wearing colour that are bold, are they mixing patterns displaying how unpredictable they can be? Do their clothes give the first impression of how they would like to be perceived? I believe fashion is an expression of who you are. Stacy Boreland Clothing Line is a Canadian Business that was inspired during the owner’s self care journey. Stacy was suffering from a rare illness that prevented her from working for 2 years. During this time, she was seeking ways to heal and created an outlet to focus on her passion. Stacy was informed she would one day own a business but was uncertain of field.


However, in March of 2018 her dream became a reality. Stacy began her journey by attending seminars, net working, traveling to different countries, researching different materials (patterns, pantone, fabrics), manufacturers and wholesalers. Thus, allowing her to execute her vision. Stacy aspires to provide the best quality clothing and accessories to suit each individual’s lifestyle while providing the best pricing for her customers. Thank you in advance for your support on this exciting journey.

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